Collective and Augmented Intelligence Against COVID-19

CAIAC helps decision makers make sense of the overwhelming amount of information and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its cascading effects
Better Decisions Faster.
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Current situation

Too much data
Thousands of research papers each week. Huge data generation around numerous COVID-19 topics
Too little coordination
Decision makers tackling the same problem, often with similar actions, but without coordination or knowledge transfer
Unclear success factors
Undefined mechanisms for judging and proliferating best practices globally
Challenging silos
Bridging silos between knowledge domains -- including health, economic and social -- is critical, but incredibly difficult

CAIAC at a glance

CAIAC maps major sources, initiatives and players for a holistic picture of what we know/ need to know on critical COVID-19 questions
CAIAC integrates knowledge from multilaterals and the foremost domain experts to generate reliable insight without bias
Up-to-date & intuitive
CAIAC augments human intelligence with high-speed AI to ingest the latest data and results into a holistic, real-time, intuitive map
CAIAC applies OECD AI Principles and builds on Global Data Access Frameworks and the UN Secretary General Digital Roadmap

For whom

CAIAC is designed to help decision makers at all levels of society.
Starting at the multilateral level, CAIAC will systematically grow to also serve governments, health systems, companies & communities, and more
Enable a coordinated, global response to contain, mitigate and treat pandemics
Provide evidence and best practice to help direct policy responses across domains: health, fiscal, employment, social, digital, more

Healthcare Providers
Fill knowledge gaps in all areas: equipment use, trial approach, resource allocation, testing, more
Communities & Companies
Turn overwhelming data volume into a clear, holistic picture that distinguishes credible from unreliable, biased or 'fake’ news

What can be done with CAIAC versus existing solutions?

First comprehensive map of common knowledge, key actors and initiatives, centered on key themes of global importance
Cross-domain knowledge standardization so disparate expert groups can contribute to and advance our collective knowledge
Gap analysis showing where additional resources can be allocated for maximum impact
Intuitive interface for easy output localization and customization to transparently support decision makers across the globe